Gender Discrimination

The Genie Harrison Law Firm are leaders in seeking justice for victims of gender discrimination. Below are articles relevant to gender discrimination and equal pay:

Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Riot Games Has New Life

Why Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Riot Games Has New Life March 9, 2020 — by Samson Amore for The Wrap Experienced workplace litigator best known for bringing cases Harvey Weinstein is now involved Riot Games sits at the center of a class action gender discrimination lawsuit that shines a spotlight on the culture of the gaming industry. The state recently stepped into the case and has suggested that female employees may be entitled to [...]

Genie Harrison Law Firm substitutes into lawsuit against Riot Games

New legal counsel takes over class action lawsuit against Riot Games February 24, 2020 — by Haydn Taylor for Click here for the entire story at > Below is an excerpt from the story: Representatives of a class action lawsuit against Riot Games have hired new legal counsel and withdrawn their motion for a $10 million settlement. The move comes after it was revealed last month that the 1,000 class members may actually [...]

Genie Harrison Law Firm substitutes into gender discrimination suit against Riot Games

Riot Games’ Proposed $10 M Settlement Withdrawn by New Counsel in Gender Discrimination Suit February 20, 2020 — by Patrick Hanley for The Hollywood Reporter In December, the video game studio reached the settlement with former female employees alleging gender discrimination and harassment, but new legal counsel is seeking more. Riot Games' legal woes continue as, on Thursday evening, new legal counsel representing former female employees involved in a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination [...]

#MeToo Story in Ms. Magazine by Columnist Genie Harrison

#MeToo Ended Our Silence—Let’s Keep Using Our Voices for Change October 4, 2019 — by Genie Harrison for Ms. Magazine October marks the second anniversary of the #MeToo movement’s viral explosion—and two years of momentous change inspired by courageous women who told stories of sexual harassment and assault that stemmed from the unfettered abuse of power. #MeToo was the social media equivalent of yelling from the rooftops, and it created a movement. Many women [...]

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