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We represent employees and others who have suffered harassment or discrimination based on sex, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin or disability, who have been retaliated against and wrongfully terminated, and those whose wages have been stolen.


The following is a statement from Genie Harrison about the passing of her John Doe client suing Kevin Spacey. Harrison has no further comment at this time.

I regret being forced to respond to Kevin Spacey’s undignified, insensitive and inappropriate public filing of the notice of death of our client, John Doe.

It is true that Mr. Doe recently died. His untimely death was, to his family, a devastating shock that they are struggling to process and is so recent that they have not yet held his funeral service.

Out of professional responsibility, we notified Spacey’s counsel of Mr. Doe’s passing. We explained our intent to allow his family more time to get past their immediate, paralyzing grief and begin settling his affairs before we filed a death notice with the court — which is our prerogative as his counsel. Spacey ignored our request for compassion and filed the notice yesterday without our consent.

While there is no court deadline for filing a party’s death notice, filing triggers a 90-day countdown. That means that unless the estate is substituted in the party’s place, the court may dismiss the case.

Filing the notice yesterday was unnecessary and contemptible. I’m not surprised, however, that Spacey prematurely filed the notice in an attempt to gain the advantage of a ticking clock. Mr. Doe’s family must now open his estate at the same time as planning a funeral and processing their grief.

Mr. Doe was a dignified, kind, middle-aged man traumatized by Spacey’s alleged sexually depraved attack. As a result of this case, other victims from around the world have reached out to our firm. Mr. Doe believed their harrowing stories, and in his final months he looked forward to standing up for all of them. His fight for justice is still very much alive.

My firm grieves the loss of Mr. Doe, who was truly a wonderful client and human being. He brought light and love every time he visited our office, and we were lucky to know him.

Genie Harrison Law Firm In The News

Lawyer trying to hit Harvey Weinstein where it hurts


How Genie Harrison Is Trying To Hit Harvey Weinstein Where It Hurts
— video interview at Huffington Post >

We are employment lawyers who are here to help you take back your power.

We are employment lawyers who are here for you, the employee who has been wronged and harmed in violation of the law, or others who have suffered sexual harassment or sexual abuse at work, school or home. We have developed an outstanding reputation for vigorous, committed and effective advocacy on behalf of victims.

You are fortunate to work in California where you have significant protections as an employee. We understand how devastating it is to be discriminated against, harassed, to have your job threatened or to lose your job. We are here to help.

Each client has unique needs and we tailor our approach in each case to make sure that your needs are met. We can help in various ways — we can aggressively litigate and try your case, or we can negotiate with your employer to resolve your dispute.

Put the legal experience of our victim’s rights attorneys at the Genie Harrison Law Firm to work for you. Our law practice is devoted exclusively to plaintiff representation.

You are not powerless. You just need someone to help you.

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Employment Lawyer Genie Harrison

Genie Harrison is on the 2019 Southern California Super Lawyers Top 10 attorneys list for the fourth year in a row.

Here’s why we are the best employment law firm for you:

Los Angeles employment lawyer Genie Harrison in trial with Los Angeles firefighter Tennie Pierce.

We ONLY represent plaintiffs — employees and victims.

The Genie Harrison Law Firm is a plaintiff-only, boutique law firm that has been consistently recognized as one of the best employment and sexual harassment law firms in California. Our law firm has developed an outstanding reputation for vigorous, committed and effective advocacy on behalf of employees who have had their rights violated, and victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape. Simply said, we only fight for the victims, never for the perpetrators.

#metoo attorney Genie Harrison


Labor and employment law is a complex field of practice that is constantly evolving. We only take a limited number of cases so we can fight aggressively for you.

Your job is important to you and your family’s well being. We are committed to protecting employee rights, and if your case is not appropriate for our firm, we may be able to place you with a more suitable law firm.

Genie Harrison, one of the best sexual harassment lawyers in Hollywood

The Genie Harrison Law Firm gets results.


If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, or in another professional or social situation, you may feel powerless, vulnerable and afraid to speak out. We understand this, with compassion, and we can consult with you on all issues of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

With the strong reputation of the Genie Harrison Law Firm on your side, we can help you to level the playing field and take back your power. We care about you, and we care about helping victims recover.

The results we have obtained speak for themselves — both in terms of compensation obtained for our clients who have had their rights violated, and in terms of the change we have created.

Through single-plaintiff, multi-plaintiff and class action cases, our attorneys have obtained in excess of $90 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients in the following areas of practice:

Top Super Lawyer Genie Harrison in Super Lawyers magazine discussing her road to becoming a sexual harassment lawyer

Genie Harrison has been acknowledged with rare distinction.

For 2019, Ms. Harrison was again named one of the Top 10 Southern California Super Lawyers, as well as one of the Top 50 Women Southern California Super Lawyers. This is Ms. Harrison’s fourth straight year of being named to these prestigious lists.

Top Lawyer Genie Harrison represents plaintiffs in California.

Ms. Harrison has been recognized by Best Lawyers of America for Plaintiff’s Employment Litigation, and the Daily Journal as one of the Top Labor & Employment Lawyers in California. The Daily Journal has also named Ms. Harrison one of the Top Women Lawyers in California for 2019.

Ms. Harrison is actively involved in the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), the nation’s largest local association of plaintiff’s attorneys. She has served on the Board of Governors since 2008 and in September 2015, Ms. Harrison was elected to the 2016 Executive Committee.

Genie Harrison currently serves as the First Vice President of CAALA. In 2021, she will become the fifth female president of CAALA in its 70th Anniversary year.

Read the Super Lawyers cover story about Genie Harrison and the personal harassment cases that made her pursue employment law HERE >

Top attorney Genie Harrison speaking at CAALA Vegas Convention

We are leaders in California’s Legal Community.

Genie Harrison and Amber Phillips, founders of the Genie Harrison Law Firm, give their time and expertise generously each year teaching litigation and trial skills to other lawyers through volunteer work on boards and committees of various trial lawyers organizations, and through teaching at California law schools.

Employment Lawyers and Sexual Harassment at the Genie Harrison Law Firm

Genie Harrison also works to advance the trial skills of plaintiffs’ counsel through her training and speaking at numerous law conferences throughout the state over the year, and through writing various published articles.


Ms. Harrison is a member of the Board of Trial Lawyers’ Charities (LATC), a non-profit organization making a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles community by focusing on issues related to battered women, children, the homeless and persons with disabilities.


Legal Genie legal appsThrough Ms. Harrison’s legal software company Legal Genie, LLC, she has created mobile apps and software to help victims of personal injury, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and employment cases, obtain maximum justice. Tell me more about these mobile apps to help victims >

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