Apps Created by Genie Harrison to Help Victims

With the Incident Genie™ mobile app, “no proof” and
“no corroboration” are no longer acceptable arguments.

Capture important evidence on your smartphone to recall and report
incident details to authorities, law enforcement, or your attorney.

It happened!
Let technology be your witness.

Introducing Incident Genie™, a FREE APP FOR EVERYONE that records the time and place of any incident you need to record.

With the push of a button, Incident Genie™ safely stores the GPS data, date, and time of an incident on your phone and supported cloud services. You can easily include photos, videos, and witnesses for any incident. Incident Genie™ allows you to recall and report incident or accident details to authorities, law enforcement, insurance companies, or your attorney.

Be prepared! Download the free app today and let technology be your witness.

Incident Genie app icon  Incident Genie app on Apple App Store

Incident Genie™ by Legal Genie™, LLC
FREE at the Apple App Store and coming soon to Android.

Incident Genie mobile app for victims

Capture, value, and present non-economic damages with
Damages Genie™ mobile app and software for attorneys.

A one-of-a-kind software solution created by trial lawyer Genie Harrison
to help plaintiff’s attorneys achieve maximum justice for their clients.

Damages Genie™ is an innovative communication tool for plaintiff’s attorneys and their clients that uses state-of-the art technology to capture, value, and present non-economic damages in all types of personal injury, sexual abuse, and employment litigation.

The Client App: A Safe Place for Clients to Document Their Pain and Suffering
For clients, the app is a direct portal for client-attorney communication about mood, pain, emotional distress, events, and other human damages.

The Attorney’s Dashboard: A Secure Portal to Receive Attorney-Client Privileged Information
Accessible from any web browser, attorneys can instantly view data in the Attorney Dashboard. Data can be evaluated, annotated, and valued. Data and reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including word files, Excel files, and PDFs, and presented demonstratively with built-in charts and graphs.

Damages Genie is now available in Spanish.

Damages Genie app icon

Damages Genie™ by Legal Genie™, LLC
Available for participating attorneys for Apple iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Damages Genie mobile app on smartphone and Apple Watch

Damages Genie attorney dashboard on computer


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