We are employment lawyers that also represent victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse, discrimination and whistleblower retaliation.

Our staff speaks Spanish, Armenian, Farsi, French and Mandarin.

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Testimonials from Clients


“Genie and her team definitely made me feel comfortable and in good hands every step of the way. They kept me up to date with every single aspect of my case. Their professionalism and work ethics always made me feel prepared and stress free. They are really good with following up with you and not proceeding to making any decisions unless I approved or gone over options with them first. THANK YOU GENIE, SHERRI, and MICHELLE. It was a pleasure working with you guys, and I’m most definitely happy with the whole outcome of my case. I most certainly recommend them as great lawyers.”


“Genie was a true professional and advocate of my cause in every single way possible. Working with Genie was the best decision I made for my situation. She empowered and championed me through the entire process while being extremely communicative, clear, and prompt. She helped me handle the matter quickly and efficiently, which freed up my energy to continue on with my own life. I cannot thank Genie enough for her professional services. I recommend her all around.”


“Excellent experience with the Genie Harrison Law Firm. Genie and Amber are extremely supportive, communicative, and most importantly, will fight hard for you. Genie and her team truly exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I highly recommend this law firm.”


“Best decision I made was to hire these fantastic ladies to represent me during a harrowing experience with a previous employer. Genie is a knowledgeable, dedicated staunch supporter of her clients and was a my biggest supporter through it all. Thank you for all that you do.”


“Thank you so much for all of your time and effort, Genie. You, Amber and Michelle were truly godsends in my life.

I’m so thankful to have found such strong, focused and tender hearted women to assist me in closing such a dark chapter in my life and I’ve already been feeling forward momentum without this cloud hanging over me.

Your law firm is a gift to the community and you made me feel protected and heard in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time.”


“I want to take this time to give my sincere thanks and gratitude to the most Amazing Awesome Law Firm in town. I could not have been blessed with a more fantastic group of women. Girl Power!

But, from the depth of my soul I thank you all for believing in me and standing with me in one of the hardest times of my life. I thank God for you all and wish you all the blessings each of your hearts desires. Keep being and doing exactly as you are.”
Forever grateful, Jacqueline


“Ms. Harrison proved to be a very knowledgeable attorney willing to do the detailed work and investigation into over 20,000 discovery documents involved in this litigation. Well experienced in the California legislation and precedents, the suit eventually included depositions in the U.S. and Europe. Her filings were timely and acurate, her depositions incisive and revealing.

She was an absolute pleasue to work with and adjusted to her client’s ability and personality. The outcome was reasonable and favorable in a very complex lawsuit.”


“Words cannot describe the professionalism, integrity and genuine passion Genie exhibits. She takes the time to get to know her clients personally which has created a stronger & more trusting relationship.

I feel that she always gives me her undivided attention and makes me feel understood and supported. I appreciate her honesty, even when it’s tough to hear.

Genie is a top-notch attorney that I trust 150%. I can sleep good at night knowing that she is one my side and fighting for me.”


“Best staff ever!! Best ppl! Best lawyers!”


“Very helpful. I am glad I used them. Highly recommended.


“Genie Harrison was a God-send when the organization that I worked for began to harass me in efforts to replace me with an unqualified candidate and push me out of the system. Their tactics were cruel and unnecessary designed to demolish every accomplishment made and obliterate my reputation as an above competent manager.

Genie is that kind of professional and friend who not only listens objectively but then puts on her boots to help you wade through the muck of an unlawful or unethical matter. If ever in a major legal fight, she will be a champion and supportive advocate, always placing her client’s’ emotional state at the forefront of her strategies. Genie is level-headed, logical, fair and balanced. Although she is just a slip of a small woman the immensity of her intellect and confidence in the cases she oversees more than compensates.

Also, Associate Attorney, Amber Phillips is a force not to be underestimated. They gave me a sense that we were a team working toward the goal of ensuring that the narrative was not only true and accurate but thorough and complete so that the elements of the case are apparent.

From my honest, personal experience, enlisting the Genie Harrison Law Firm is the first step in winning your case. I love these lady warriors and consider them life long friends.”


“Dear Genie,

I wanted to take the time and send you my personal thank you. It was a true honor to have you represent me through this entire process, which turned out to be quite a successful journey. Aside from your representation, it is your wisdom and power that leaves a lasting impression on me. You taught me to stand up for what’s right, no matter how scary the challenge may seem, and that will forever remain with me.

I am so grateful for you Genie because your strength and confidence rejuvenated my spirit and I now believe in myself again. Thank you for being a part of my life when I needed guidance most. I am now stronger and confident and overall a better person.

I hope to encounter more women as courageous and inspiring as you, Genie. Thank you for always believing in me, and for having an interest in me and my case. You are my hero Genie Harrison!”


“The Law office of Genie Harrison helped me during one of the hardest times of my life. From the consultation to the settled end. They were professional, compassionate to my feelings and fears. There was never an unanswered call nor email throughout the process. They always made me feel like I was the only client and not just another client. I personally will be forever grateful to the Law Office of Genie Harrison and you will too if you choose them to represent you.”


“Simply put, Genie Harrison has exceeded every one my expectations!

I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, but most importantly, she is a fighter and protects her clients. Genie took the time to treat me like a person, not like a “client”.

I could go on and on, but hopefully these comments give you a solid understanding of how good she is and how highly I recommend her. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with her as their counsel. She is a woman of character and that is very important when you are fighting for the truth!”

Attorney Endorsements from AVVO


“I endorse this lawyer.”


“I endorse this lawyer.”


“Genie Harrison is a top-notch lawyer who fights incredibly hard for all of her clients. She takes on extremely difficult cases and not only wins — but wins big! When employers find out that Genie is the lawyer suing them, they start making plans to settle the case.”


“Genie is one of the most talented attorneys I’ve ever met. She is unbelievably committed to her clients and she gets phenomenal results for them. She gives back to the community and is a role model for all lawyers.”


“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Genie hired me to defend appeals of two employment law verdicts she won (a $6.5 million verdict and a $1.7 million verdict). In working on those appeals I saw firsthand what a spectacular trial lawyer she is. I recommend her without hesitation, especially in the area of plaintiffs’ employment law.”


“I have known Ms. Harrison for the past 10 years and she is truly exceptional. We worked on a class action together when I needed her expertise on a class action issue. She worked tirelessly for our clients. I would recommend her without hesitation.”


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