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We are California employment lawyers with decades of experience litigating cases for employees and victims of sexual harassment committed in the workplace or at school.

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We are passionate and relentless in our fight for employee rights. If your employer has violated your rights, we are here to level the playing field and help you reclaim your power.

At the Genie Harrison Law Firm, we are proud to be consistently recognized by the California legal community as a leading plaintiff’s law firm in these practice areas:

We understand that your job is essential to you and your family’s well-being.

As employment lawyers, we understand how important your job is to you and to your family’s well-being. We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to help you. Our first priority is to work towards saving your job and finding a resolution to the dispute. If this is not possible, we will negotiate a severance agreement on your behalf. When that cannot be accomplished, we will file your case and fight for the evidence that proves your case at trial. Will will also show the jury how the employer violated the rules, and how deeply you were harmed.

What are your employee rights?

It’s important to understand your employee rights. You have the right to equal treatment under the law, to receive proper pay, to have meal and rest breaks, to take pregnancy or disability leave, to care for your family, and to have the opportunity to return to work. Additionally, if you have a disability or medical condition, you have the right to have it accommodated so that you can perform your job’s functions. You also have the right not to be discriminated against or harassed due to your identity, and you have the right not to be retaliated against for pointing out violations of the law or for asserting your rights under the law.

When people have been wronged or harmed, the attorneys at the Genie Harrison Law firm advocate on their behalf to see their issues resolved and help them recover.

At the Genie Harrison Law Firm, we are committed to advocating for those who have been wronged or harmed, and we work tirelessly to help them recover and resolve their issues. Genie Harrison, our lead trial attorney, has devoted her entire career to litigating employment and civil rights cases for her clients and effecting real change that leads to improved working conditions for all employees. Ms. Harrison strives to bring institutional change whenever possible, which she has been fortunate to accomplish many times in her career. These changes, many of which have been covered by national news organizations, make working conditions better for all employees, not just her direct clients.

Opposing counsel and Ms. Harrison’s peers recognize her as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, and she provides aggressive representation in every case she litigates. She regularly educates other lawyers in this complex and rapidly evolving specialized area of law through her numerous speaking engagements and seminars.

If you are employed in the state of California and have been wrongfully fired or are the victim of job discrimination or harassment, you have rights as an employee. At out Los Angeles-based practice, we focus on California’s employment and civil rights law and provide experienced representation that is tailored to the unique needs of each case. Different areas of employment law demand different types of approaches, which only an experienced lawyer can provide. We are here to help you and understand your rights and the fight for justice you deserve.

The attorneys at the Genie Harrison Law Firm can respond immediately and aggressively after any employee or civil rights violation.

Put the legal experience of the attorneys at the Genie Harrison Law Firm to work for you. Our law practice is devoted exclusively to plaintiff representation.

Here is why we are the BEST employment lawyers for you:

We Only Represent Plaintiffs or Victims, NEVER The Perpetrators

Genie Harrison understands the pain her sexual harassment and sexual assault clients go through because she’s felt it herself, and she understands the pain and suffering that victims may experience. It is her mission to keep those who commit sexual crimes accountable. She can help you to take back your power.

Sexual harassment lawyer Genie Harrison in Super Lawyers MagazineRead Genie’s story in Super Lawyers Magazine about how her personal experiences as a victim of sexual abuse have made her a victim’s rights and employment attorney.

Our Focus is on YOU and your case.

Employment law is complex and ever-evolving, which is why we limit the number of cases we take on. This allows us to focus our efforts on providing the highest level of advocacy for our clients, whether through negotiation or trial. Our track record speaks for itself. We have improved the working conditions for countless employees, and the lives of those who have been victims of sexual crimes. We make a difference.

Our Experience and Reputation

We have earned a stellar reputation in California for vigorous and effective representation on behalf of employees and victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Genie Harrison and the Genie Harrison Law Firm has consistently been recognized for their accomplishments by prestigious, peer-reviewed legal organizations.

In 2022, Genie Harrison has been recognized by Best Lawyers as the “Lawyer of the Year” in the area of Employment Law in Los Angeles. Only one lawyer is recognized as the “Lawyer of the Year” for each specialty and location.

In November 2022, the Consumer Attorneys of California gave Harrison its 2022 Consumer Attorney of the Year Award for her work representing Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and sexual assault victims.

Also in 2022, the California Employment Lawyers Association awarded Harrison its highest honor, the 2022 Joe Posner Award, for her devotion to obtaining justice for Californians and for creating a virtual Mandatory Settlement Conference system, Resolve Law Los Angeles, for the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The Genie Harrison Law Firm has been selected to the Best Law Firms for Labor & Employment Law from 2015-2022, and Genie Harrison has made Best Lawyers in America from 2012-2022. Ms. Harrison has been named to Super Lawyers every year since 2009. For eight years straight (2016-2023) she was named to Super Lawyers “Best of the Best” list of Top 10 Super Lawyers in Southern California.

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