Why Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Riot Games Has New Life

March 9, 2020 — by Samson Amore for The Wrap

Experienced workplace litigator best known for bringing cases Harvey Weinstein is now involved

Riot Games sits at the center of a class action gender discrimination lawsuit that shines a spotlight on the culture of the gaming industry.

The state recently stepped into the case and has suggested that female employees may be entitled to as much as $400 million.

Former Riot employees Melanie McCracken and Jessica Negron, who sued the company over violations of the California Equal Pay Act and Fair Employment and Housing Act in November 2018, are now represented by women’s rights attorney Genie Harrison, an experienced workplace litigator best known for recently bringing cases against Hollywood producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Harrison represents Weinstein’s former personal assistant Sandeep Rehal in her ongoing harassment and retaliation claim against Weinstein and The Weinstein Co. Harrison also represents Jane Doe in her sexual battery case against Weinstein.

Riot Games, the developer of “League of Legends,” is being closely watched by the gaming industry, particularly because the court could set precedent for other game studios’ internal policies. Gaming analysts say Riot is one of the region’s biggest names in gaming, and if it is directed by the court to take action, its competitors ay move to do the same.

“This settlement could result in a lot of publicity and shake up that industry and other industries that are related to it in entertainment and gaming,” said Arthur Silbergeld, employment lawyer and partner at law firm Thompson Coburn in Los Angeles, told TheWrap.

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