New legal counsel takes over class action lawsuit against Riot Games

February 24, 2020 — by Haydn Taylor for

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Below is an excerpt from the story:

Representatives of a class action lawsuit against Riot Games have hired new legal counsel and withdrawn their motion for a $10 million settlement.

The move comes after it was revealed last month that the 1,000 class members may actually be entitled to $400 million.

Two California state agencies suggested the on-going gender discrimination lawsuit against Riot Games had been mishandled by the plantiffs’ legal representation, Rosen & Saba.

Together, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) made a case against the settlement, finding issue with the final figure of $10 million and suggesting that Riot Games had colluded with Rosen & Saba.

A judge was scheduled to rule on the validity of this intervention earlier this month, but the hearing has been pushed back to an unconfirmed date.

Despite this, class action representatives Melanie McCracken, Jessica Negron, and Gabriela Downie have found new legal counsel with women’s rights attorney Genie Harrison.

Harrison, who is known for bringing cases against the Weinstein Company in the wake of #MeToo, is joined by plaintiffs’ employment lawyer Joseph Lovretovich.

Harrison and Lovretovich are now seeking expert analysis on the alleged discrimination to find an appropriate settlement figure.

“These brave women spoke out against gender inequality and sexism, and I want to make sure they are fairly compensated,” says Harrison.