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Genie Harrison Explains Attorney-Client Privilege to Law 360

Attorney-Client Privilege Is Alive And Well April 11, 2018 — By Employment Attorney Genie Harrison for Law 360 The FBI raid of the Rockefeller Center office and Manhattan hotel room of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael D. Cohen set off a firestorm of controversy about the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege, epitomized by Trump’s tweet that the “privilege is dead.” In fact, the privilege is alive and well. What is not so healthy [...]

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Genie Harrison Recognized by Hollywood Reporter

Congratulations to Genie and our friend and colleague Ann Fromholz who were both recognized as top lawyers at the center of the anti-harassment movement by The Hollywood Reporter. Read a short except below, and the full story at The Hollywood Reporter, HERE>. Meet 6 of the Hollywood Lawyers at the Center of the Anti-Harassment Movement April 5, 2018 — By Ashley Collins From spearheading the Time’s Up legal defense to Bill O’Reilly’s defamation suit, [...]

Genie Harrison to Represent Sandeep Rehal on Weinstein Company Bankruptcy Committee

Committee For Unsecured Weinstein Co. Creditors Includes Two Of Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Plus WME March 28, 2018 — By Date Hayes for Deadline Hollywood The Weinstein Company Bankruptcy Committee will include Genie Harrison representing former Harvey Weinstein assistant Sandeep Rehal Unsecured creditors trying to extract compensation from the Weinstein Company will be represented by a five-member committee that includes two of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers and major talent agency WME. According to a one-page document filed [...]

Genie Harrison Comments on John Bailey Sexual Harassment Allegations

The Academy’s New Code of Conduct Finds Its First Test: President John Bailey March 20, 2018 — By Gene Maddaus (Here is an excerpt from Variety.com:) After the drama and mishaps of the past year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had reason to celebrate a relatively snafu-free Oscar broadcast on March 4. The afterglow lasted less than two weeks. On March 16, Variety reported that the Academy had received three allegations of [...]

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Genie Harrison Comments on Ted Gaines’ Sexual Harassment Case

 February 7, 2018 — Bob Moffitt for Capital Public Radio, Sacramento Sexual Harassment Cost Sen. Ted Gaines’ Chief Of Staff His Job — But The Lawmaker Continued To Pay Him Here is a short excerpt from the story by Capital Public Radio: Stephen Davey was forced out of state Sen. Ted Gaines’ office in February 2016 amid allegations of sexual harassment. But the political campaigns of Gaines and his wife, former Assembly member Beth [...]

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Genie Harrison Featured in Pasadena Magazine 2018 Top Attorneys Issue

When Saying No Isn’t Enough Story by Sara Smile Sexual harassment isn’t exclusive to Hollywood. Lawyer Genie Harrison breaks down what constitutes sexual harassment, and what you can and should do about it. Sexual harassment in the work place, and particularly in Hollywood where “the casting couch” has become an accepted cliché, had long been condemned publicly, while the private reality was often ignored, if not sanctioned. When Bill Cosby, a beloved Hollywood and [...]

Genie Harrison’s Comments in Washington Post on the USA Gymnastics Confidential Settlement Agreement with McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney sues USA Gymnastics, saying it tried to buy her silence on abuse December 20. 2017 — by Bill Hobson, The Washington Post CLICK HERE for the entire story at WashingtonPost.com An excerpt from the story is below: Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast McKayla Maroney sued USA Gymnastics on Wednesday, alleging the Olympic sports organization sought to buy her silence with a confidential settlement agreement last year relating to her abuse by longtime women’s [...]

Women Are Rarely Accused of Harassment Says Attorney Genie Harrison in USA Today

Women are rarely accused of sexual harassment, and there’s a reason why December 18, 2017 — by Maria Puente, USA Today Here are some excerpts from the story: In the fire-hose torrent of sexual harassment scandals we are staggering under these days, one thing stands out as a common factor in all the cases: The accused are men. “One of the reasons it is men who harass women, and sometimes other men, is that this is [...]

Genie Harrison on Devos’ Rollback of Title IX Protection Guidelines

The Truth About Rolling Back Obama-Era Title IX Guidelines September 26, 2017 – By Genie Harrison for Law 360.com. CLICK HERE to download the pdf or read the story below: “I have an arrangement with a student each semester, because I don’t get taken care of at home. You take care of my needs and I will take care of yours. You will make yourself available to have sex with me once a week as and when [...]

Genie Harrison Gives Expert Analysis on Charlottesville

“California Employer Questions After Charlottesville” Download the PDF of the story “California Employer Questions after Charlottesville” , or read the story below: August 22, 2017 – Expert analysis for Law360.com by Genie Harrison We may champion the protection of members of the LGBTQ community who demonstrate in support of their equal rights, or for women who march against political and societal misogyny, but do we feel the same when employees wave the Nazi flag [...]

LA Times Interviews Genie Harrison About Google Sexual Harassment Case

“By firing engineer, Google shows what you can say — and what you can’t — at work.” August 8, 2017 – By Tracey Lien, Los Angeles Times In a country known for its reverence of free speech, in a state strict with labor codes, in an industry steeped in libertarian and progressive ideals, if an employee has something to say, he should just be able to say it, right? Not quite, as one Google employee learned [...]

Genie Harrison selected as Top Female Attorney of the Year by IAOTP

Genie Harrison selected as Top Female Attorney of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). July 13, 2017 Genie Harrison, owner of the Genie Harrison Law Firm was selected as Top Female Attorney of the Year for 2017 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the Legal Industry. While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a [...]

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