February 7, 2018 — Bob Moffitt for Capital Public Radio, Sacramento

Sexual Harassment Cost Sen. Ted Gaines’ Chief Of Staff His Job — But The Lawmaker Continued To Pay Him

Here is a short excerpt from the story by Capital Public Radio:

Stephen Davey was forced out of state Sen. Ted Gaines’ office in February 2016 amid allegations of sexual harassment. But the political campaigns of Gaines and his wife, former Assembly member Beth Gaines, have continued to pay his former chief of staff.

Since Davey was put on paid administrative leave December 2015, they have compensated him and his company with more than $259,000.

Genie Harrison is an attorney who testified at the Assembly’s hearing on sexual harassment in December. She criticized the Gaines’ decision to keep Davey on payroll. “My argument as a plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney is that Gaines thinks that Mr. Davey’s services are more important than protecting additional potential victims,” she said.

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