Genie Harrison Law Firm Discusses #Me Too Evidence in The Advocate

“Me too” and “not me too” evidence in employment litigation Proving that an employee harassed or the employer discriminated against similarly situated individuals other than the plaintiff October 2018 Issue of The Advocate — by Genie Harrison, Mary Olszewska and Amber Phillips of the Genie Harrison Law Firm The term “me too” has been significant for employment lawyers for decades, long before the #MeToo movement had its resurgence in 2017. But “me too” evidence [...]

Genie Harrison Comments to Daily Journal on Senate Bill 1300

Bill is critical component of sea change in women’s rights Senate Bill 1300 finally eliminates the pass given to bad actors in the workplace that was rooted in the way the “severe or pervasive” standard hostile work environment cases was applied by the courts. October 4, 2018 — by Genie Harrison for the Daily Journal On the last day of September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a number of bills in California’s "sexual [...]

Amber Rose Slutwalk in LA Weekly

Amber Rose on Why SlutWalk is More Important Than Ever October 4, 2018 — Lisa Beebe, LA Weekly Read the entire story, HERE Here is an excerpt: This Saturday, thousands of women will march through downtown Los Angeles to Pershing Square to take a stand for gender equality; as with most feminist marches, there will be loud chants and witty signs. But this event will look a little different from the others: Marchers of [...]

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Tips For Mediating #MeToo Cases

Tips For Mediating #MeToo Cases Learn and embrace HerStory, let her show you by reenactment exactly what happened August 2018 Issue of The Advocate — by Genie Harrison of the Genie Harrison Law Firm Read the complete story below, or download the pdf HERE Sexual harassment and abuse is not new. There is not “more” sexual harassment occurring now. Rather, as a society we are paying more attention; we are listening. Likewise, the challenges inherent [...]

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