Forced arbitration

Forced Arbitration Isn’t FAIR by Genie Harrison for Ms. Magazine

Forced Arbitration Isn’t Fair July 8, 2019 — by Genie Harrison for the Ms. Magazine If you’ve ever been sexually harassed or discriminated against at work, the FAIR Act is about you. Like most workers, you probably signed an agreement when you were hired that requires any disputes you have with your employer to go to arbitration. In order to get a job, you were forced to waive your constitutional right to sue in [...]


Arbitration is failing California employees by Genie Harrison

Arbitration is failing California employees (Genie Harrison spent over a year analyzing CA employment arbitration results. Many of you don’t have access to the Daily Journal, so I have attached a pdf of my article here, with reprint permission from the Daily Journal, for your reading pleasure/horror.) June 6, 2019 — by Genie Harrison for the Daily Journal How is arbitration working for California employees? Read the full story of how Arbitration is failing [...]