Genie Harrison on The Family Medical Leave Expansion Act

When you’re called back to work, but the kids are still home May 21, 2020 — Guest Commentary by Terry Kaufman for Santa Maria Times (Read the story below, or at Good news: Businesses are reopening and employees are returning to work. But with schools and daycare centers still closed, who will watch the kids? Across the country, workers find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Do they go back to [...]


Genie Harrison featured at

Grab ‘em By The Verdict: Genie Harrison Takes on Sexual Harassment and Abuse May 12, 2020 — by Alison Preece for  Lawdragon (Read the text below, or the complete story here at Genie Harrison once dreamt of prosecuting war criminals. She found her calling taking on sexual harassment. Photo provided by the firm. Genie Harrison knows how to get your attention. At a conference not long ago, she wore a T-shirt. Standard cut [...]


Riot’s Sexual Assault Case Gains Steam

Riot’s Sexual Assault Case Gains Steam As Plaintiffs Hire Counsel That Led To Harvey Weinstein Being Jailed April 4, 2020 — by Chris Miller for Happy Gamer Click here for the entire story at > Below is an excerpt from the story: While everyone is busy celebrating Riot’s bizarre tactic of Valorantbeing streamed and watched by almost a million viewers all desperate to be included in the beta, the company itself looks to be [...]

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